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Atlas of Medieval Europe: Spread of the Black Death

Source: MacKay, Angus (after E. Carpentier). 1997. The Spread of the Black Death. Atlas of Medieval Europe, ed. by Angus MacKay and David Ditchburn. London and New York: Routledge.

Date Digitized: July 2012

Map Description:
‚ÄčThis map depicts the spread of the Black Death in Europe during the mid-14th century. Starting from the Black and Mediterranean Seas, the plague advanced west and north across Europe. The span of years shown here is from November 1348 CE to December of 1350 CE. Areas of low plague mortality in south-western France and central Poland are also shown. The lines represent the extent of the plague's advancement at the given date. That is, the dates refer to the time the plague reached the areas indicated by the lines.

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